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Lingerie n Sox Box

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Estimated delivery on 27/06/2024



  • Lingerie n Sox Box
  • Tired of a messy and mixed up drawer? Or do you always have to  dig in your Chester to find that matching stocking or socks ?
  • Or does your delicate Lingerie (under garment) get tangled up? If so, then these boxes would prove very useful to you.
  • These boxes are Ideal for organizing your socks, lingerie (undergarments), boxers, jocks, vest, ties, etc in your drawer and chester.
  • Individual socket grids makes it very handy to store and take out things easily. Lid cover helps protect from dust and damage.
  • Being fully Collapsi
  • ble , just  Zip-It-Flat when not needed.
  • size 9x9x4 inch 9 pocket/ size 12x9x4 inch 12 pocket / size 12x12x4 inch 16 pocket / vsize 16x16x4 inch 24 pocket /12x9x4 sox n Lingerie
  • ***** MADE IN PAKSITAN*****
Sox Box size

12x9x4 sox n Lingerie, size 12x12x4 inch 16 pocket , size 12x9x4 inch 12 pocket , size 16x16x4 inch 24 pocket, size 9x9x4 inch 9 pocket 

Non-Woven COLORS

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