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Bottle Carry With Zip

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  • In this post, we discuss how water bottle holders make your life easy and help you bring your water with you on the go
Estimated delivery on 06/06/2024

Introducing the Bottle Carry with Zip by Sardar Collections

At Sardar Collections, we are proud to present our Bottle Carry with Zip, a convenient and stylish solution for carrying your water, juice, or soda bottles. Designed with insulation and a zippered cover, this bottle carry is perfect for picnics, shopping trips, outings, or simply keeping in your car.

Bottle Carry Cover Convenient and Versatile Design

The Bottle Carry with Zip features a long strap that allows for easy carrying. You can wear it cross-body or slide it over the headrest of your car seat for hands-free transport. Whether you’re going on a hike, running errands, or embarking on a long journey, this bottle carry will be your perfect companion.

Available in three Sizes

We offer the Bottle Carry with Zip in two sizes to accommodate different bottle capacities. The small size is suitable for bottles up to 0.5 liters, while the large size can hold bottles up to 1.5 liters.XL size can hold bottles up to 2liters.No matter the size of your beverage, we have you covered.

Insulation for Optimal Temperature Control

Our Bottle Carry with Zip is designed with insulation to keep your liquids cool or warm for up to 4 hours. Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing cold drink on a hot summer day or keep your tea or coffee warm during a chilly winter outing, this bottle carry will ensure your beverages stay at the desired temperature.

So why wait? Get your Bottle Carry with Zip from Sardar Collections today and experience the convenience and style it offers. Whether you’re planning a picnic, going shopping, or embarking on a journey, this bottle carry will be your go-to accessory.

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