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color full Storage Bag 20x15x8

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  • color full Storage Bag
  • Product Details: Buy Storage Bag
  • A colorful storage bag is a versatile solution for organizing various items while adding a pop of color to your space. Here are some key points about colorful storage bags:
    1. Material and Capacity: Colorful storage bags come in various materials like Oxford cloth and have a capacity typically ranging from 12 to 15 kg [1].
    2. Size: These bags usually have dimensions specified, such as 20x15x8 inches
    3. Usage: They can be used for storing clothes, blankets, and other items, offering a colorful and convenient storage solution [4].
    4. Variety: Colorful storage bags are available in various colors like grey, black, and others, allowing you to choose based on your preference [1][5][6].
  • Storage capacity: bed bottom, wardrobe, bedroom, storage room
Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 1 cm


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