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Purse Storage Hanger (parashot material)


  • A purse storage hanger is accessory designed to help organize and store purses or handbags. It is typically 6 pocket that can be mounted on a wall, inside a closet, or on the back of a door. The hanger allows you to hang your purses in an organized manner, keeping them easily accessible and preventing them from getting tangled, damaged, or taking up valuable space in your living area.

Hanging Purse Organizer

  • Hanging Purse Organizer is damage free
  • Hanging Organizer Feature- hanger style hanging purse provides flexibility to hang from the rod in the closet, or hook on the back of the door; the handbag file hook has the ability to turn for easy access to your accessories; horizontal insert “loops” on pocketbook storage makes it easy to use
  • This hanging HAND BAGS storage with see-through flaps is ideal to hang in the store room, walk-in closet, wardrobe, or behind any door  on any ordinary nail,  hook, or rod
  • (hanger already provided).
  • 6 “flap” sockets are provided which can easily hold bags, pouches, totes, clutches, formal purses, etc.
  • This product is fully folded and it only works while hanging,
  • The length of the product is 36 inches
  • ***** MADE IN PAKSITAN*****
Weight350 g
Dimensions20 × 12 × 1 in
parashot colors

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