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Toys Storage BARREL

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See through plastic on top and also on the border allows  to see what is inside.

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  • A Stiff cylindrical barrel with a handle to store Lego Bricks, Blocks, Toys like dinky Cars, figurines, dolls, small stuff toys or any toy that can fit in it
  • A toys storage barrel is a container specifically designed for storing toys. It is usually a large, cylindrical-shaped barrel-like container that provides a convenient and organized solution for keeping toys in one place. These barrels are often made of perashouit materialr fabric and may have for easy transportation
  • Comes in two sizes:/Jumbo: 12 x 12 x height 15 inches/Medium: 9 x 9 height 9 inches
Weight250 g
Dimensions16 × 12 × 1 in
Round Size


parashot colors

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