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Hand Bag Cosmetic TRAIN CASE

 599.00 630.00

  • A handbag cosmetic train case is a type of portable storage bag &organizer designed specifically for carrying cosmetics and beauty products. It is typically compact and lightweight, making it convenient for travel or everyday use
Estimated delivery on 12/03/2024
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  • Hand Bag Cosmetic TRAIN CASE
  • Ideal Pouch to carry your make-up and cosmetic essentials with you when ever and where ever u go.
  • Whether going to office or any formal outing or simply when travelling this small sized mirror pouch easily fits in any hand bag or purse.
  • Lipstick and bottle socket provided inside along with a mesh pocket at the back.
  • Made of waterproof parachute material , it comes in two sizes and is a must have for every lady! perashout materil with foam
  • 2 size avilable /larj size 9x6x3 inch/ small size 7x5x3 inch
  • *****MADE IN PAKISTAN*****




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